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The Ten27.org domain is privately owned.  It hosts a number of web sites, including the personal web site of John Victor Goodman.

These pages are intended for private use and are intended to assist the creation of pages for display on the ten27.org domain, by displaying effects such as font-style, font-family, text-size and colour.


Text Size

There are two approaches to setting text height on a web page:

  1. Choose one of the 7 standard browser defaults (from "xx-small" to "xx-small").  The displayed size will then depend on a combination of:
    • Which of the seven standard sizes is used;
    • The browser and version used for viewing;
    • The "screen area" setting (eg: 800 by 600 pixels) chosen by the user;
    • The "display size" (typically five values from "largest" to "smallest") selected by the person viewing the page
  2. Define the text height directly (normally in pixels - px).  The person viewing the page then normally looses the ability to increase or reduce the text size displayed.
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Font Family

Most browsers include one or more inbuilt fonts ("Font Families") to allow alternative appearances of text.  Typically, there will be:

  • A "Serif" font, such as "Times New Roman", or "Times".
  • A "Sans-serif" font, such as "Helvetica", or "Arial".
  • A "Mono-spaced" font, such as "Courier".

Many browsers provide a wider range of fonts, or allow access to fonts stored elsewhere on the viewer's system

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HTML and XHTML Colour

Colors can be represented either as a six-digit hexadecimal value following the character "#", or by the "HTML Color Name".  For example, the general background of this page is the HTML Color Name defined as "Azure".

  1. The XHTML 1.01 standard defines a very limited range of 16 Color Names, whereas the six-digit hexadecimal value is unrestricted in range.
  2. The HTML 4.01 standard defines a wider range of Color Names - and of course supports the unrestricted six-digit hexadecimal value representation of colours.

Currently, many browsers applying the XHTML 1.01 standard seem to be still supporting the wider range of Color Names.  This level of support may change over time, and support for the HTML 4.01 list may not be available on portable and specialist display devices.

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Character Encoding

HTML and XHTML and programming languages used on web pages, such as JavaScript, reserve special characters for defined functions.  Escape sequences are required whenever such characters have to be displayed on the page as normal text.

When using XHTML, certain symbols which would cause programming ambiguity must not be used in mark-up tags and embedded style-sheets and scripts.  Correct escape sequences are mandatory for representation of these symbols.

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