Border Style

This page displays samples with a range of border effects.


Border Style - Dashed

style="border:dashed navy 3px;"
style="border:dashed green 6px;"
style="border:dashed gray 9px;"
style="border:dashed silver 12px;"

Border Style - Dotted

style="border:dotted navy 3px;"
style="border:dotted green 6px;"
style="border:dotted gray 9px;"
style="border:dotted silver 12px;"

Border Style - Double

style="border:double navy 3px;"
style="border:double green 6px;"
style="border:double gray 9px;"
style="border:double silver 12px;"

Border Style - Groove

style="border:groove navy 3px;"
style="border:groove green 6px;"
style="border:groove gray 9px;"
style="border:groove silver 12px;"

Border Style - Inset

style="border:inset navy 3px;"
style="border:inset green 6px;"
style="border:inset gray 9px;"
style="border:inset silver 12px;"

Border Style - None

style="border:none navy 3px;"
style="border:none green 6px;"
style="border:none gray 9px;"
style="border:none silver 12px;"

Border Style - Outset

style="border:outset navy 3px;"
style="border:outset green 6px;"
style="border:outset gray 9px;"
style="border:outset silver 12px;"

Border Style - Ridge

style="border:ridge navy 3px;"
style="border:ridge green 6px;"
style="border:ridge gray 9px;"
style="border:ridge silver 12px;"

Border Style - Solid

style="border:solid navy 3px;"
style="border:solid green 6px;"
style="border:solid gray 9px;"
style="border:solid silver 12px;"
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