Japanese Hiragana Script Character Codes

This page is one of several which lists and displays character encoding for use in web pages.  The index below gives access to the appropriate page for groups of characters.


Special Symbols

HTML and XHTML and programming languages used on web pages, such as JavaScript, reserve special characters for defined functions.  Escape sequences are required whenever such characters have to be displayed on the page as normal text.

In the following table:

The following list is in the traditional order of the japanese phœnetic alphabet.

Special note:  To convert from a Hiragana character to the corresponding Katakana character, add x0060 to the hex code, or add 96 to the decimal code (humans can add 100 and subtract 4!).


A I U E O aあ あ&12354;&x3042;
iい い&12356;&x3044;
uう う&12358;&x3046;
eえ え&12360;&x3048;
oお お&12362;&x304a;

KA KI KU KE KO kaか か&12363;&x304b;
kiき き&12365;&x304d;
kuく く&12367;&x304f;
keけ け&12369;&x3051;
koこ こ&12371;&x3053;

KYA KYU KYO kyaきゃ きゃ&12365;&12419;&x304d;&x3083;
kyuきゅ きゅ&12365;&12421;&x304d;&x3085;
kyoきょ きょ&12365;&12423;&x304d;&x3087;

GA GI GU GE GO gaが が&12364;&x304c;
giぎ ぎ&12366;&x304e;
guぐ ぐ&12368;&x3050;
geげ げ&12370;&x3052;
goご ご&12372;&x3054;

GYA GYU GYO gyaぎゃ ぎゃ&12366;&12419;&x304e;&x3083;
gyuぎゅ ぎゅ&12366;&12421;&x304e;&x3085;
gyoぎょ ぎょ&12366;&12423;&x304e;&x3087;

SA SHI SU SE SO saさ さ&12373;&x3055;
shiし し&12375;&x3057;
suす す&12377;&x3059;
seせ せ&12379;&x305b;
soそ そ&12381;&x305d;

SHA SHU SHO shaしゃ しゃ&12375;&12419;&x3057;&x3083;
shuしゅ しゅ&12375;&12421;&x3057;&x3085;
shoしょ しょ&12375;&12423;&x3057;&x3087;

ZA JI ZU ZE ZO zaざ ざ&12374;&x3056;
jiじ じ&12376;&x3058;
zuず ず&12378;&x305a;
zeぜ ぜ&12380;&x305c;
zoぞ ぞ&12382;&x305e;

JA JU JO jaじゃ じゃ&12376;&12419;&x3058;&x3083;
juじゅ じゅ&12376;&12421;&x3058;&x3085;
joじょ じょ&12376;&12423;&x3058;&x3087;

TA CHI TSU TE TO taた た&12383;&x305f;
chiち ち&12385;&x3061;
tsuつ つ&12388;&x3064;
teて て&12390;&x3066;
toと と&12392;&x3068;

CHA CHU CHO chaちゃ ちゃ&12385;&12419;&x3061;&x3083;
chuちゅ ちゅ&12385;&12421;&x3061;&x3085;
choちょ ちょ&12385;&12423;&x3061;&x3087;

DA JI ZU DE DO daだ だ&12384;&x3060;
jiぢ ぢ&12386;&x3062;
zuづ づ&12389;&x3065;
deで で&12391;&x3067;
doど ど&12393;&x3069;

NA NI NU NE NO naな な&12394;&x306a;
niに に&12395;&x306b;
nuぬ ぬ&12396;&x306c;
neね ね&12397;&x306d;
noの の&12398;&x306e;

NYA NYU NYO nyaにゃ にゃ&12395;&12419;&x306b;&x3083;
nyuにゅ にゅ&12395;&12421;&x306b;&x3085;
nyoにょ にょ&12395;&12423;&x306b;&x3087;

HA HI FU HE HO haは は&12399;&x306f;
hiひ ひ&12402;&x3072;
fuふ ふ&12405;&x3075;
heへ へ&12408;&x3078;
hoほ ほ&12411;&x307b;

HYA HYU HYO hyaひゃ ひゃ&12402;&12419;&x3072;&x3083;
hyuひゅ ひゅ&12402;&12421;&x3072;&x3085;
hyoひょ ひょ&12402;&12423;&x3072;&x3087;

BA BI BU BE BO baば ば&12400;&x3070;
biび び&12403;&x3073;
buぶ ぶ&12406;&x3076;
beべ べ&12409;&x3079;
boぼ ぼ&12412;&x307c;

BYA BYU BYO byaびゃ びゃ&12403;&12419;&x3073;&x3083;
byuびゅ びゅ&12403;&12421;&x3073;&x3085;
byoびょ びょ&12403;&12423;&x3073;&x3087;

PA PI PU PE PO paぱ ぱ&12401;&x3071;
piぴ ぴ&12404;&x3074;
puぷ ぷ&12407;&x3077;
peぺ ぺ&12410;&x307a;
poぽ ぽ&12413;&x307d;

PYA PYU PYO pyaぴゃ ぴゃ&12404;&12419;&x3074;&x3083;
pyuぴゅ ぴゅ&12404;&12421;&x3074;&x3085;
pyoぴょ ぴょ&12404;&12423;&x3074;&x3087;

YA YU YO yaや や&12420;&x3084;
yuゆ ゆ&12422;&x3086;
yoよ よ&12424;&x3088;

MA MI MU ME MO maま ま&12414;&x307e;
miみ み&12415;&x307f;
muむ む&12416;&x3080;
meめ め&12417;&x3081;
moも も&12418;&x3082;

MYA MYU MYO myaみゃ みゃ&12415;&12419;&x307f;&x3083;
myuみゅ みゅ&12415;&12421;&x307f;&x3085;
myoみょ みょ&12415;&12423;&x307f;&x3087;

RA RI RU RE RO raら ら&12425;&x3089;
riり り&12426;&x308a;
ruる る&12427;&x308b;
reれ れ&12428;&x308c;
roろ ろ&12429;&x308d;

RYA RYU RYO ryaりゃ りゃ&12426;&12419;&x308a;&x3083;
ryuりゅ りゅ&12426;&12421;&x308a;&x3085;
ryoりょ りょ&12426;&12423;&x308a;&x3087;

WA WI WE WO waわ わ&12431;&x308f;
(wi)ゐ ゐ&12432;&x3090;
(we)ゑ ゑ&12433;&x3091;
(w)oを を&12434;&x3092;

N VU nん ん&12435;&x3093;
vuゔ ゔ&12436;&x3094;

Small characters:
aぁ ぁ&12353;&x3041;
iぃ ぃ&12355;&x3043;
uぅ ぅ&12357;&x3045;
eぇ ぇ&12359;&x3047;
oぉ ぉ&12361;&x3049;
tsuっ っ&12387;&x3063;
yaゃ ゃ&12419;&x3083;
yuゅ ゅ&12421;&x3085;
yoょ ょ&12423;&x3087;
waゎ ゎ&12430;&x308e;

tsu voicedっ゙ っ゙&12387;&12441;&x3063;&x3099;
tsu semi-voicedっ゚ っ゚&12387;&12442;&x3063;&x309a;
voiced゛ ゛&12443;&x309b;
semi-voiced゜ ゜&12444;&x309c;
prolonged soundー ー&12540;&x30fc;
iterationゝ ゝ&12445;&x309d;
voiced-iterationゞ ゞ&12446;&x309e;
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