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A Accented letters (French)
Algerian font
'Andy Bold' font
Aqua colour sample
Arial font
'Arial Black' font
'Arial Narrow' font
Arithmetical symbols
ASCII code look-up table
B Background-color property
Black colour sample
Blue colour sample
Bold text-style
Border styles
Broadway font
Browser default text sizes
C Calculus symbols
Character encoding
Color names
Colour Samples
'Comic Sans MS' font
Contrasting colours
'Courier New' font
D Dashed border-style
Decoration, underline
Desdemona font
Dotted border-style
Double border-style
E E-mail address encoding
Encoding of characters
F Font-family property
Footlight font
French accented letters
Fuchsia colour sample
G Geometric symbols
Georgia font
Gray colour sample
Green colour sample
Greek script
Groove border-style
H 'Harlow Solid Italic' font
Helvetica font
Hiragana Script
HTML 4.01 Color names
I Impact font
Inset border-style
'Invite SF' font
Italic text-style
J Japanese script (Hiragana)
Japanese script (Katakana)
JPG file names
K Katakana Script
L Lime colour sample
Logical symbols
Look-up table for ASCII codes
M Maroon colour sample
Mathematical Symbols
'Matura MT Script Capitals' font
Mono-spaced style/weight
Music symbols
N Navy colour sample
"None" border-style
Number symbols
Numbering (items)
O Olive colour sample
Outset border-style
P Phone number encoding
Playbill font
Point specification for text sizes
Purple colour sample
Q Quotation
R Ravie font
Red colour sample
Ridge border-style
S Sans-serif style/weight
Serif style/weight
Silver colour sample
Size of text
Solid border-style
Special symbols
Stencil font
T Tahoma font
Teal colour sample
Text-size property
Text-style (italic, etc)
Text-weight (bold, etc)
'Times New Roman' font
'Trebuchet MS' font
U Underline text-decoration
URL encoding
V Verdana font
W White colour sample
X XHTML 1.01 Color names
'Xpress SF' font
Y Yellow colour sample
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